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The “Dawn Hughes Wigs to Wishes Fund” has been set up to enable me to receive further treatment at an Oncology Clinic in Germany where they have had a high success rate in stopping the spread of Cancer in patients and giving them the best possible chance of remission. The Berkshire Cancer Centre have informed me that there is little chance of my Cancer going into remission with the treatment available in this country.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my website. I'd like to tell you a little bit about myself. I'm a wife and mother of 3 young children, Matthew 13, Ellie 10 and Freddie 6. I was first diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2001 at the age of 36. Following Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy, I was in remission until a chance MRI scan in Feb 2005 for an unrelated problem, detected that the Cancer had returned. I was then diagnosed with Secondary Breast Cancer. The likely prognosis given in February was 18 months to 5 years. I then had to undergo aggressive Chemotherapy, but following the results of a recent bone scan, it was found that the Cancer is still spreading. The treatment in Germany will cost thousands of pounds and for most people like myself, the opportunity for this is a dream. Many of my Family and Friends want to make this dream a reality and are making tremendous fund raising efforts, because without them, I would not be able to seek the treatment that I so obviously need and which is not being offered in this country.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

3rd Chemoembolization

Flew out of Terminal 5, Heathrow without a hitch. Baggage arrived in Frankfurt with no problems. Flew into Frankfurt terminal 2 with BA and then had to get a free bus to terminal 1 and then get to the underground to the Hauptbahnof.

Arrived at the University Hospital for my appointment with Professor Vogel. Had an MRI scan to begin with, then whilst waiting on the operating table for the chemoembolization to begin, Prof Vogel said the liver tumours have now reduced by 20% - I was a little disappointed but he said that this was good as in his experience, a reduction too quick can often mean that they come back quicker and larger.

The procedure went ahead, anaesthetic hurt but injection of the chemo was not as painful although it did hurt a couple of times and when I complained Prof Vogel injected the chemo a little slower. Prof Vogel said after the procedure that it did not hurt so much because the tumours were smaller. I was then taken directly for a CT scan and then taken up to the day ward to rest for 3 hours as I can't move my right leg. This time I didn't need any extra pain relief or anti sickness. Only the one infusion which is given during the procedure. I felt quite good actually but did have a sleep for an hour and then sat chatting with Debra who accompanied me on this trip. Prof Vogel came round to discuss the procedure and findings. He was pleased with how it all went. I asked about the smaller tumours and he said they were nothing to worry about and they were almost gone. He does feel however that I need 1 or 2 more chemobolizations and then laser them off completely so they're all gone.

Andy, the driver from the Leonardis picked us up and it was a 3 and a half hour drive back to the clinic which Deb and I slept through most of it.


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